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We aim to provide a relaxed & inviting atmosphere while serving up a vibrant selection of real fruit smoothies, frappes, herbal tea & 100% Kona Coffee. We at Sweetpeas invite you to infuse your life with an experience that will leave you refreshed and living your best.


When Quality Matters, Sweetpeas CBDs is your go to. We use a full spectrum formulation that is not diluted with flavors or fillers. Our oils are concentrated and effective. We use ingredients that can be easily pronounce. Lab formulated and tested,
Sweetpeas CBDs is the right choice.

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Wild Dawgs is an interesting and unique twist to the all American hot dog. We start with a 1/2 LB all beef foot-long hot dog, what happens next is nothing short of amazing and delicious. Check out our menu and stop in for an experience you wont soon forget.

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