Since 2012, Joel, Rael & Sherrie Young have made it their life's work to ensure that all whom suffer with debilitating medical conditions have affordable access to the life saving, all natural plant that is cannabis and industrial hemp CBD.


Our mission is to crush the stigma that is "weed culture". We are not here to get you stoned, rather to offer a safe alternative to harsh pharmaceuticals. Education is the key. We proudly offer education sessions to the public.


We bring with us 4 years in cultivation experience,  3 years of successfully operating a medical cannabis dispensary and 3 year focused on CBD's.


This diversity has allowed us to closely examine and compare a variety of cannabis and CBD medications. With so many options out there, we have narrowed it down to the best Full spectrum, industrial hemp, American grown, CBD products that the industry has to offer.


Finding success in our wholesale business, it only made sense to move forward into the CBD retail space. Sweetpeas Infusions Cafe offers health conscience menu choices geared for a healthy lifestyle.


Our goal is to offer people an opportunity to own and operate their own Sweetpeas Infusions Cafe in an industry that is expected to grow 10,000% by 2020. Sweetpeas CBD's is a popular brand and reputable company with an amazing track record.

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