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Are you ready to dive into the hemp industry? Did you know that the business of hemp is forecasted to increase to 22 Billion by 2022, according to Forbes Magazine? Although you may already know this, maybe you have asked yourself “how do I get involved and where do I get started?”


Sweetpeas Hemp Company was formed in 2016 with a focus on CBD wholesale distribution. We were successful in identifying a product manufacturer that was able to produce a full spectrum CBD product that was like none other. A product that truly works. We were successful in placing our product line in several dispensaries and retail outlets throughout Las Vegas, NV, Lake Tahoe NV, Reno NV, Phoenix AZ, Hawi HI, Spring TX and Pinetop/Lakeside AZ. Realizing this level of success, it only made sense to move into the brick and mortar space. At this time, CBD outlets were popping up everywhere. The proprietors had little to no knowledge of what they were selling. In order to compete and stand out, we needed a concept that was rock solid and encompassed the health and wellness space.

The Sweetpeas Infusions Concept was born. Our concept was so air tight, so bullet proof we thought it may be too good to be true. A proof of concept was required. We challenged ourselves to open our first brick and mortar in an unlikely area. Pinetop/Lakeside Arizona seemed to be a good fit. If we can realize success in a rural yet seasonal community, we can be successful anywhere in the United States. Challenge accepted. Our chosen market  has a population of 10-12 thousand during the winter months. The population increases to 45 thousand during the summer months. Our success can only be described as a rocket ship.

What you can expect:

• Winning business model

• Assistance in picking your location

• Store operation training

• CBD product training

• Access to a wide range of REAL cbd products

• Access to a premium smoothie product

• Access to thousands of smoothie recipes

• Full marketing support

• Access to below market pricing

What to consider when you contact us:

Owning a Sweetpeas Infusions Franchise requires the right people, mindset, and enough resources to allow for success.


A qualified candidate will possess enough resources to construct and operate their store through the attainment of the store’s break-even point. A qualified candidate would have liquid capital to allow for:

$100,000 – $150,000 for Construction and Equipment

$10,000 – $30,000 for Operating expenses until attainment of break-even point.

The Royalty Arrangement

Sweetpeas Infusions charges royalties to ensure the maintenance and improvement of the brand. Paying your royalties allows you to enjoy the use of the Sweetpeas Infusions Brand name, access to corporate personnel, and use of Sweetpeas Infusions proprietary products, recipes, and systems.

Initial one time Franchise Fee $20,000

Ongoing Royalty 8% of Gross Sales

Take the first step to success. Contact us

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